The new 2011 edition is published by Sasquatch Books, from Seattle, Washington! I've handed over the reigns of publishing the book to Sasquatch so that it will be available to many more people and in more stores, and so I can focus more of my time on developing new books here at Beth Bee Books. 

Rabbit Food Cookbook 2011 edition comes in a little bit bigger size, and it's content is newly revised and re-worked, with 12 new recipes, new resources for cooking dry beans and grains, some extras in the food history timeline, and other odds and ends that I revised, given the opportunity to do so. 

Rabbit Food Cookbook (2011 edition) is a unique, illustrated recipe book and mindful eating resource with 94 vegan/strict vegetarian recipes (which means there are just a couple with honey) plus other miscellaneous information about food and food history.  

The book is illustrated with over 250 pen & ink drawings and block print stamps, so it's nice to look at and fun to flip through -  in addition to being useful in the kitchen. The recipe sections have black ink "bleed edges" to help you flip to then quicker.

The 2011 Sasquatch Books edition has 224 pages, handy lay-flat wire-o binding, stiff paperboard covers, and lots of personality. Dimensions are 5.5 in x 7.5 in x 1 in. 

The book has been commercially published by the friendly folks at one of the Pacific Northwest's favorite and best-known publishing houses, Sasquatch Books, of Seattle, Washington.

Retail price may vary.
(order now from Beth)                    Stores selling Rabbit Food 2011 edition

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon! In the meantime, you can browse the 2007 edition from that page

Get a few sample recipes that were new in the 2007 edition. The artwork and looks of these exaples are largely the same in the new 2011 book.

Check out my Flickr page for photos of yummy recipes from Rabbit Food Cookbook
(I'm not doing a baking and cooking marathon, so the photos are going to be a work in progress.)

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