Selected essays and articles mostly appearing in 2000-01.

"Wake Up! You're Not in School Anymore (the post-college hangover)."  Clamor Magazine.  Issue 10.  Sep./Oct. 2001.  p.38-40.  This essay is about the shock of (adult) life, without school as a defining framework.  Honestly, I still haven't recovered.
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"Using Water: the story of urban hydrology."  Clamor Magazine.  Issue 8.  April/May 2001.  p.64-68.

(The journey of urban water from intake to water treatment, and some history of urban water use/systems.
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"The City Life of Fake Meat."  Clamor Magazine.  Issue 6.  Dec. 2000 /Jan. 2001.  p.35-38.
I think I intended the title to read "City Life and Fake Meat," but regardless, this essay was about thoughts on food, land,   city life, and vegetarianism.

"A Heavy, Heavy blanket of Deep Time: the effect of the geological timescale on thinking ecologically"  EcoZine.  Vol.1 no.1.  Fall 2000.  p. 14-16.
This essay also appears in the Zine Yearbook Vol. 5.  2001.  Reflecting on geology and geologic time, when I had recently completed my geology degree.

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Eight Items or Less #1.
 1999, 2000.  self-published essays. 1/4 size, 46 pgs.  Essays about the Chicago World's Fair of 1893, priviledges and cultural attitudes, transitioning from school to adult life, the simple lives of aquarium fish, and the thoughts of elderly people.


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